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About Us



We are about authentic, ethnic flavors and sophisticated tastes. The difference. . .  we use unprepared, unprocessed produce and meats.  We prep our vegetables twice a day.

Every day.  Every week.

We stay true to ethnic recipes by using herbs and spices sourced from local Asian markets, 3-4 times a week.  We only use white meat chicken. These differences are the basis of our philosophy and our food product.  We constantly seek to improve our food dishes and to improve your dining experience.

We are casual.  We are local. We are something different.


Pho Fusion Asian is a concept.  It is a concept anchored in ideas; the idea that our customers discern subtle differences, the idea that our community is increasingly sophisticated, the idea that big chains aren’t necessarily better, the idea that health isn’t a passing trend, the idea that desired tastes cross borders and oceans, the idea that your demand for “something different” isn’t a passing fad. 

Change the way you eat.  
Change the way you think. Change the way you live.

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